Since starting yoga with Ann, I cannot believe this is my body. I can move better nowat the age of 60than I could at the age of 40! 

I was intimidated by yoga but always secretly wanted to do it. Several years ago, I broke both of my legs in an accident on my horse, resulting in surgeries and PAIN. Ann is so compassionate, not to mention bright and knowledgeable about the human body. She took the time to get to do a full assessment of me in the beginning. Then, she tailored poses for MY key areas. I feel so much stronger and better.

I was hesitant about doing this online, but I can’t imagine driving to a studio anymore. This way is more personal and just easier with my busy schedule. I feel as if Ann is in the room with me!

~Barbara Amaker, M.D.

For Yoga Professionals


A 34 CEU training for yoga teachers to teach a safe & effective program for arthritis & chronic pain based on a decade of research at Johns Hopkins University.  Join April 8-13, 2018 at Kripalu in Mass. or Denver in Sept. 2018