This is for you if you are looking for:

  • A natural approach to relieve pain and feel like your fullest self

  • One-on-one fully personalized attention

  • A way to do yoga regardless of limitations from injuries, surgeries, arthritis, back issues, health conditions...

  • A way to practice conveniently from home (We will use video with Zoom, FaceTime or Skype yoga therapy.)

I do group classes also, but having the one-on-one yoga therapy in my home with Ann is so valuable. Over the past year, I have been able to refine my poses. I started doing many poses with the aid of lots of props, including a chair, as a beginner with injuries and pain. But now, I can do it on the floor...with joy! I love how Ann uses technology, including recording audio and video I can take anywhere on my phone, so I do not forget what I learned. ~Susan

Let's be real...

There is a lot of pain in life. The majority of us deal with some sort of enduring, chronic pain during our lives—anything from back pain to arthritis (1.) We all deal with non-physical pain, too, leading to anxiety and fatigue.

I'll bet you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I have been there.

If you are looking for sustainable, natural options to relieve pain, you are not alone. Ultimately, we all want to reduce suffering--feeling stronger and resilient amidst challenges. During a time of an opioid epidemic, overworked healthcare personnel, and often not feeling heard as a patient, an inevitable shift towards mind/body therapies is happening. Yoga therapy is a holistic practice, that considers the physical, emotional, and even deeper aspects of dealing with pain.

Plus, when it comes to pain, neuro research suggests that, to our brains, there is not much difference between physical and psychological pain (2.) With both, the same regions of the brain are activated, and both can lead to suffering. This means that pain management must consider the mind-body connection. 

I will safely help you feel better in your body—particularly if you are dealing with injuries, physical limitations, and/or chronic pain conditions. I do this with personalized poses and a unique routine developed for YOU. We will intelligently improve your strength, flexibility, and balance (physically and figuratively).

Research is showing that yoga and mindfulness offer genuine pain relief, in both the physical and psychological realms (3.) 

I will share with you the ancient therapeutic tools of yoga and mindfulness to become comfortable in your own body and mind and with whatever inevitable challenges come your way.

Clients tell me they feel younger, more focused, and simply HAPPIER. 

The best part? You don't even have to leave your home. 

Yoga allows you to experience a sense of wholeness in your life,
where you don’t feel like you are constantly trying to fit broken pieces together
— Iyengar

How we can work together

Research suggests it takes between 18 and 254 days for people to MAKE or BREAK habits. So, the best results have come from a 1-3 month minimum time investment. These natural tools can take a bit of time to show their profound and lasting results, but you are worth the commitment. Yoga Therapy will provide you with the tools for a healthier and happier life—with less pain.

1 Month


-One 90 min full assessment intake session via live video

-Two 60 minute follow-up sessions

- Discover how to practice safely in your body

- Your personalized yoga routine that you can actually fit into your day in an easy-to-follow visual pdf


3 Month Transformation

-One 90 minute full assessment intake session via live video

-Eight 60 minute follow-up sessions (equating to 3 sessions per month)

- Discover how to practice safely in your body

- 2 personalized yoga routines, including a practical daily practice and a shorter yoga snack in an easy-to-follow visual pdf

-Audio of personalized meditation

INVESTMENT: $1,500 ($500 /month)

What exactly is Yoga Therapy?


Yoga therapy is an integrative and complementary practice. Yoga therapists use yoga poses, mindfulness meditation, breathing practices, and other effective yoga practices. 

Yoga therapists have a significant amount of specialized training; I earned a Master of Science in Graduate Degree in Yoga Therapy and continue to study with master teachers. Want to learn more? Check out this video I made.


Scientific evidence suggests that Yoga Therapy be beneficial for:

  • weight loss and maintenance

  • management of chronic diseases

  • improved balance, flexibility, and strength

  • improved posture and confidence

  • improved performance in sports and work activities

  • improved focus and productivity

  • back pain

  • joint pain and arthritis

  • anxiety and depression

  • fatigue and sleep disorders

  • integrative cancer care

  • surgery recovery or preparation

More Praise

I have been a professional rider for 40 years. I had a lot of injuries that resulted in arthritis in my back and knees and I felt embarrassed to do yoga in a class. Ann's kindness and expertise immediately drew me to her. I have been afraid about my knee replacement but developed a plan with Ann to modify the poses in the chair and bed. She used meditation with me to help me overcome fears and anger.  I never thought I would be drawn to yoga but Ann has opened up a whole new world for me to heal from pain!    ~Kathy, Dressage Coach & Judge

I have heart failure disease and had tried yoga before but was previously frustrated because of the pacing and discomfort. Ann designed a program that was safe, pain-free, and helped with strength and flexibility—without leaving me breathless. The classes with Ann were convenient and fun. Even my dog benefited from joining us!  

~Linda, Lawyer