The Science of Prana


The Science of Prana

By Ann Swanson 2016

Let’s evaluate this vital energy,

known as prana or qi.

Intuited by ancients before systematic science.

When there was only science of the senses.

Described as vortexes.

As ins and outs and ups and downs. All around.


I was a skeptic, like you...

But now—


Applying scientific inquiry to poetry

I formulate a hypothesis.


Energy in; energy out.

Action; reaction. Equal and opposite.


I hypothesize that when we receive more units of energy in

than we can process and release,

that energy is stored in our tissues.

The issues are in our tissues.


My experiment is:

My life.

Life force.

From the first breath to the last.


My evaluation is:

The energy of emotions


bundled in a neat package—

wrapped in fascia, fibers, feelings


The direction of flow of emotional energy is out.

Not in.

Like a poem

it comes from within.

It is simply a reaction

to the action.

My story.

My creation.


The energy is asking to be acknowledged.




into the universe.


When named, physiologically, logically,

the electrical signals are translated

from the limbic system

to the cerebral

prefrontal cortex.

When seen: to the visual cortex.

When heard: to the auditory.

When physically felt: to the somatosensory.

The emotional charge changes, dissolves, evolves


transmuted to

electrical energy—through my nervous network,

an eloquent electric language.

Mechanical energy—in my vibrating cells—37 trillion cells—

communicating through

chemical energy—at gates filled with codes and keys to unlock

potential energy.

Kinetic energy.

Flowing energy circulating with messages, oxygen, and nutrients

it is all of this

it is infinite.


My conclusion is

as I try to cognize, rationalize, I shift

to empathize.


I was a skeptic, like you…

until flooded by my undeniable empirical—experiential



Accepting the moment as is, without resistance,

softens the bundle

Acknowledges the vast, endless space around the pain

around all us.

I felt it. The day I witnessed it.

The moment I stood face to face with it.

I couldn’t walk away, so I turned to it.


There is a charged current

and every moment, we are faced with a choice:

To plug in

and access it

through a greater awareness

or stay in the darkness.


I may change my perspective, hypothesis, point of view.

In fact, I will. Most certainly.

Evolving as I experience, understand,

and observe new phenomena.

I am a scientist.


But really, this energy, prana, cannot be put into words.

It cannot be “proven” by science.

It is just felt.

Optionally observed.

Either way, it is there.

Like art.


I was a skeptic, like you…

Now, I intuit

a new wave of consciousness,

a union of science

and heart.


In writing this

I transformed the energy of hurt into the universe.

I am a master of my own physiology,

psychology, energy body.

I am an energy alchemist.

And so are you.