I studied art at one of the best art schools in the nation, with a focus on photography and film. My art school days sent me around the world filming, producing, directing, and editing award-winning socially-based documentaries. I put that aside for a while to a Master's Degree in Yoga Therapy. This is now coming full circle (serendipitously) as I take on yoga and mind/body media gigs that inspire the evolution of our consciousness. I produce and edit the majority of the photos and videos on my website. Check out some of my work below. 

Wellness Video Editing, Media Creation, Consulting, & Conscious Marketing: $60/hour. Monthly rates available for on-going projects. Let's see if we are a good fit! Click here to contact me


This is my welcome video. I produced and edited it. 

I produced and edited this.

I shot, produced, and edited this film about a forgotten community deep in the Andes of Peru, so remote they speak their own dying language.

I spent years creating this while volunteering with a non-profit and studying abroad in Peru. This might be what I am most proud of in life (so far).


Can I help you raise the level of consciousness in the world through professional mind/body media?