My doctors are so enthusiastic that I am doing yoga and see the benefits. The thing that I enjoy most about Ann, particularly with her work with older adults, is her gentle way of encouraging us to push ourselves but at the same time protect ourselves. Even her warm greeting and the special way she shows her application at the end of the class adds so much to the positive atmosphere. The fact that she has has the opportunity to be educated in India and around the world in this makes me value her teaching even more. My career was spent evaluating teachers and Ann is indeed a great teacher.

- Jackie (far right in blue)

I do group classes, but having the one-on-one yoga therapy in my home with Ann is so valuable.

Over the past year, I have been able to refine my poses. I started doing many poses, like the sun salutations, with the aid of a chair as a beginner, but now I can do it on the floor--with joy!

I love how she uses technology, including recording audio and video on my phone so I do not forget what I learned. It has also been a unique situation in that Ann also taught my mom in very special, memory-care classes. It is so nice to know we have that connection.


One-on-one Yoga Therapy

Since starting yoga with Ann, I cannot believe this is my body. I can move better nowat the age of 60than I could at the age of 40! 

I was intimidated by yoga but always secretly wanted to do it. Several years ago, I broke both of my legs in an accident on my horse, resulting in surgeries and PAIN. Ann is so compassionate, not to mention bright and knowledgeable about the human body. She took the time to get to do a full assessment of me in the beginning. Then, she tailored poses for MY key areas. I feel so much stronger and better.

I was hesitant about doing this online, but I can’t imagine driving to a studio anymore. This way is more personal and just easier with my busy schedule. I feel as if Ann is in the room with me!

-Barbara Amaker, M.D.

One-on-one Yoga Therapy

As a board certified surgeon, I recommend a comprehensive program for weight loss and maintenance. Yoga with Ann has been an integral part of our fitness program at the clinic. During her 5+ years at our center, Ann was instrumental in creating a challenging therapeutic yoga class, while helping our patients feel comfortable right from the start.  Many of our patients have limitations due to weight or joint issues but Ann was always ready to provide modifications to ensure that they could benefit from a pose without pain.  

Ann has achieved a level of poise and professionalism that is often difficult to master.  Combine this with her extensive experience and you understand why she would be a wonderful addition to any practice!

-Thomas W. Clark, MD, MS, FACS,  Center for Weight Loss Success

Yoga Therapy for Clinical Populations


I have heart failure disease and had tried yoga before but was previously frustrated because of the pacing and discomfort. Ann designed a program that was safe, pain-free, and helped with strength and flexibility—without leaving me breathless.

The classes with Ann were convenient and fun. Even my dog benefited from joining us!  

-Linda, Lawyer

One-on-one Yoga Therapy

I have been a professional rider for 40 years. I had a lot of injuries that resulted in arthritis in my back and knees and I felt embarrassed to do yoga in a class. Ann's kindness and expertise immediately drew me to her. I have been afraid about my knee replacement but developed a plan with Ann to modify the poses in the chair and bed. She used meditation with me to help me overcome fears and anger.  I never thought I would be drawn to yoga but Ann has opened up a whole new world for me to heal from pain!    

-Kathy, Dressage Coach & Judge

One-on-one Yoga Therapy

I had the privilege of teaching Ann Swanson advanced teacher training to complete her 500 hour certification and Ayurvedic massage. She was, and still is, committed to incorporating a holistic approach to her own teaching. Ann showed total involvement in my program and always came to class fully prepared and with lots of questions. Her knowledge in related fields and creative mind have given her the opportunity to offer a well rounded program for a healthy body and mind.  

-Yogi Sivadas, Teacher in Dharamsala, India

Traditional Yoga & Massage

Ann is not only an expert in her areas, I consider her to be a “great teacher”. Great teachers hold students’ attention through subject mastery, skillful lesson design, actions that demonstrate caring, and an honesty that reveals their individual personality. Ann is this type of teacher. She also shows a keen eagerness to grow by constantly taking courses and training a to expand her knowledge.

-Sheri, Fitness Director at Retirement Community

Yoga Therapy and Tai Chi for Healthy Aging

I took college tai chi with Ann Swanson. In addition to the physical exercises, her class gave a lot of practical insight about tai chi philosophy. I still use what I learned in that class every morning to help me wake up and get through the day.


Tai Chi/Qi Gong

Yoga and Tai Chi with Ann take me out of my constant thinking and stress.  She even gives a little massage at the end and seems to just the right areas to take the stress out out of my neck and shoulders.  She really knows how to make me relax.


Yoga & Tai Chi/Qi Gong for Arthritis

Yoga for weight loss.jpg

I truly appreciate Ann because she cares about the WHOLE person. My wife and daughter agree that yoga has taken my stress level down… Way down!!! It has helped me spiritually and physically. Doing yoga weekly keeps me focused on my weight loss goals. I used to think yoga was for girls but Ann’s class has proved to me that it is beneficial for everyone! I am a former “offensive tackle” and if I can do it, anyone can. Guys need to do more yoga!  

-Thomas Dawson

Yoga Therapy

I am 95 and I am amazed that I can do most of the moves. I have noticed the improvement in myself and in the people who live in the retirement facility with me as they do tai chi and yoga with Ann. A lot of people around me who have deteriorating health and can’t even speak surprise me by responding so well to Ann’s classes. Ann builds a great relationship with the students and she seems to understand their needs and know just how to relate to them. Class is a nice opportunity to have my friend Betty close to me to meet new friends. I am so grateful to have Ann here because she makes us feel talked with and not just talked at.       

-Betty & Jerry (best friends)

Yoga & Tai Chi/Qi Gong for Arthritis

Ann has helped me gain confidence by challenging me mentally and physically. Private classes allow me to explore arm balances and inversions safely in ways that I couldn’t do in a group class. Her instruction gave me wings and taught me how to fly in my practice.


Yoga & Massage

Yoga is something I never thought I could do but Ann works with her student’s skill level. Her class has made yoga into something I want to do for life!


Yoga Therapy

Ann offers great experience in being able to adapt the class so that those with a diagnosis of dementia, arthritis, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, etc. were able to participate to the fullest extent possible. While some of these participants often become more anxious in the afternoon time, tai chi had a calming effect on them, decreasing less than desirable behaviors- such as increased wandering and irritability. I am so grateful Ann taught tai chi and mentored me to become an instructor too!

-Liz, Physical Therapist

Tai Chi /Qi Gong & Teacher Mentorship


When I first started doing yoga (my mother who lived in a retirement home) was also doing yoga. We discussed how we enjoyed our classes, the improved health benefits we were seeing, the weight loss, and we each bragged about our instructor – – such as her calming presence and soothing voice. We found it funny that both of the classes were lead by a young women named Ann. Finally, I was visiting mom one day and discovered that we did share the same instructor! Ann is excellent at adapting the routines/poses to fit individual needs and abilities. It doesn’t matter your age, weight, height, ability/disabilities, previous experience with yoga, whether or not you need a chair, or gender. Anyone can do yoga or tai chi with Ann!!

 -Kathy (and mother on left)

Yoga for Healthy Aging

Ann’s tai chi teaching skills have helped even people with advanced arthritis and dementia to correctly do the movements. She uses just the right amount of praise and encouragement to keep them involved. Tai chi has been a calming and relaxing activity for our clients as well as exercise. At the end of sessions, clients are calm and happy with a feeling of success. This is so important for people with dementia where (sadly) only their failures have sometimes been the focus of attention.

Ann calls clients by name and interacts with them individually, which gives them much needed validation. She points out movements done especially well. After the sessions, Ann talks individually with each client to discuss their feelings about the tai chi session. She has a sincere interest in each person. Her entire presentation is calming and accepting. Respite is very grateful to Ann for successfully introducing tai chi to our program. Thanks to her idea of mentoring while teaching tai chi, we will continue to have tai chi sessions regularly.

-Ellen D’Orsogna, R.N.

Memory Care & Teacher Mentorship