Speaking Topics

I love to talk about the following topics:


    • Mindfulness, Your Brain, & Neuroplasticity

    • Science of Yoga for Stress Management

    • Science of Yoga for Pain Relief

    • Science of Yoga for Boosting Immunity

    • Yoga for Combatting Lifestyle Diseases (heart disease, diabetes, cancer…)

  • Yoga Therapy & Accessible Yoga for everybody—intelligently adapting the practice for people with health conditions & perhaps believe they can’t do yoga.

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Upcoming Workshops

For Teachers:

A training for yoga teachers developed based on a decade of research at Johns Hopkins University.  Offered at Kripalu in March and Chicago in April 2019.

For Teachers:


Workshops Offerings

I offer the following workshop topics for the public and for yoga professionals continuing education. I love to talk and teach about mind-body science and wellness. As a life-long learner and student, becoming a teacher and educator has been natural to me. I engage multiple learning styles with every talk or workshop including experiential learning like meditation and movement practices. Leave feeling informed, empowered, and great in your body.


Dive deeper into my book Science of Yoga with an INTRO workshop for the public. More advanced modules are available for enthusiasts and teachers with 2 tracks: 1. RESEARCH: the cutting-edge research science supporting yoga or 2. ANATOMY: embodied yoga anatomy.

Office Wellness

Apply evidence-informed practices at work to manage stress and improve focus. Did you know that your ability to focus is a greater indicator of your success than your IQ? I offer engaging, interactive talks and classes in work environments.

Science of Yoga for Everybody

As an Accessible Yoga Ambassador and yoga therapist, I believe in making yoga safe, simple, and practical for everybody. I offer workshops on pose modifications with props, chairs, and creativity!

Science of Mindfulness

I teach several mindfulness-based meditative practices, including yoga nidra (aka “yoga naps”). Learn the science of mindfulness (and your brain). Feel the profound effects for yourself in this experiential workshop.

Science of Qi Gong

I studied the ancient practice of qi gong (along with tai chi) in China and love to make the practices simple and doable for everyday life. Join me for an introductory experiential workshop.

Workshops can be adapted for 2-40 hours, depending on the venue. Topics can be adapted for modules for 200, 300, or 800 hour yoga teacher and yoga therapist training.

Ask about booking Ann for a speaking engagement, workshop, retreat, or teacher training: