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Welcome! My name is Ann Swanson and I am a heart-based yoga therapist and science nerd.

I am a heart-based yoga therapist. I empower people reach optimal health by making yoga and mindfulness practices non-intimidating and practical. I work with people worldwide one-on-one with online yoga therapy. Nothing compares to a personalized yoga and meditation practice with your health needs and goals in mind. I specialize in helping people relieve chronic pain—like back pain or arthritis—and manage stress of modern life.

I am consistently amazed by my students’ profound transformational experiences. It really seems magical, but mounting scientific research supports the benefits of mind-body practices like yoga for pain relief, improved mental health, better sleep, and more. There is a reason that these ancient practices have stood the test of time; THIS TRULY WORKS!

I am a science nerd. I speak and teach on the key research supporting yoga and meditation, along with the basic anatomy for adapting yoga to be safe, effective, and accessible for all body types and conditions. My book, Science of Yoga, presents the science in a straight forward and simple way. I travel teaching workshops and teacher training programs internationally.

But I am also a spiritual nerd. I am fascinated by the science of spirituality, compassion, and positive thinking. And beyond that, I believe there are some questions that science perhaps can’t answer but we will continue to ask.

You are in the right place if:

  • You want to feel better in your body and mind through tried and true wellness techniques that help you effectively relieve pain and manage stress, anxiety, and more.

  • You are a beginner (or feel like one) and want to learn yoga in a non-intimidating and convenient way with an experienced guide to create an individualized practice for you.

  • You are a yoga practitioner who wants to better understand the true science-based benefits of the practice (if this is you, you will love my new book, SCIENCE OF YOGA!)

  • You are a yoga or wellness professional who wants to learn more about the science so you can teach an intelligent, safe, and effective practice to all.

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