We all know one thing to be true: We can't get rid of stress. Scientist now connect that chronic stress contributes to many of the chronic conditions we deal with in the modern day, including heart disease, depression, diabetes, and many chronic pain conditions. (Good news is that research also suggests that wellness practices can help all of these things.) Although we can't escape stressors in our lives, we can manage how we respond. Fortunately, the wellness practices of yoga, mindfulness, and qi gong offer inexpensive and effective methods for coping. The best part is all you need is your body and your breath!  You can also do it from anywhere, with live online options for work from home employees. Actually, stress isn't all bad. When addressed effectively through mind/body self-care, stress can be a good thing. I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out.

If the inevitable stress of life is managed properly, we can be more focused and better motivated--most importantly, finding more meaning in our work and life. Research shows that your ability to focus is a better indicator of your success than your IQ! (1.) Yoga, mindfulness, and tai chi increase focus.

Stress and pain are deeply interrelated. Pain is one of the most common complaints to doctors and reasons for taking sick days from work. I specialize in pain relief and people who work at a computer, often have a lot of pain, particularly back pain. I offer tips and practices to relieve and prevent back pain. Pain relief is HUGE for increased satisfaction and productivity. 

Incorporating more effective mind/body wellness programing is creating a real shift in the corporate and healthcare world. 



In Person

Near Denver or Boulder, CO? I can come to your office for: 

  • a short intro & chair practice to start your meeting
  • a 1-3 hour workshop


For work from home employees scattered throughout the world, I do a live webinar format.

This has been successful to build satisfaction and community within a company.



Ann taught both yoga and tai chi/qi gong for our company's wellness program in a live webinar room. Ann was granted host privileges and led the sessions from her studio using a webcam and wireless headset. Our participating employees consisted of virtual education professionals across the country, the majority of whom work from home full-time. Ann has an amazing ability to engage on an individual level, even through a virtual meeting room. Ann helped our employees reduce physical pain and prevent future pain (one of our biggest medical claims), manage stress, and have a mental reset to improve productivity for the remainder of the day. She also provided clear modifications for different ability levels and showed how these movements were relevant to offset desk-work and job stress.She always showed up to sessions early, greeted each participant by name as they entered the room, made effortless small talk as if she were an old friend to each. Not did the employees gain the benefits of the wellness program, but also they connected with colleagues from across the country that they would normally have little contact with. In total, these sessions certainly increased work engagement, as well as fostered a sense of community and company support.  We are so grateful to work with Ann. 

-Louis Sarry, MA, MS, CNS, CSCS, Wellness Specialist at Connections Education (Pearson)

After no exercise for over a decade and slow weight gain of a couple of pounds a year, I joined Ann’s weekly yoga class. Her program, combined with watching my diet, allowed me to loose 12 pounds. The doctor has cut my blood pressure medicine in half and I sleep better. I am more focused through my workday. My friends and family notice the difference in my mood too. Ann’s class has students of all levels from beginners with joint replacements to marathon runners. Ann adapts each pose to fit our individual abilities and limitations allowing each level to be safely challenged. Her mantra is “stop if it hurts!” She offers modifications so we can each get maximum benefits without harm.

-Clara, Lawyer & business owner